Escape the PuzzleMaster 1.5.2 Map – Download Escape the Puzzle Master Map for Minecraft 1.5.2. Well guys the popular maps has been update to Escape the PuzzleMaster v1.5.2 and now available with latest minecraft 1.5.2. You’ve been kidnapped by the Puzzlemaster! The Evil Puzzlemaster sends you through a multitude of tests and puzzles.Will you solve the puzzles and defeat the Puzzlemaster? Or will you die trying?

Escape the PuzzleMaster 1.5.2 Map

This map took me around 2 hours to complete. However, I spent alot of time looking for those elusive gold bars, and if I had just breezed through, it likely would have taken less. This map managed to hold my attention quite nicely, with clever signs and wonderful archetecture. Sound interesting right ? If you want to download this Escape the PuzzleMaster 1.5.2 Map, just see installations below and download link



Download: Escape the PuzzleMaster Map